Mistress Viva

Madame Ksenia Prime (Viva) Kiev_Amsterdam

Sexology Psychology Thematic BDSM Mistress FemDom 18+

Age – 38

Growth – 167

Weight – 65

Foot size – 37.5

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+380506709234 Viber \ Telegram

+31623051134 WhatsApp

Reception days from 12.00-22.00:

practicing with men, women, couples, LGBT

Reception at night + 50% of the cost of the service.

Studio rental is already included in the price.

Before the session, 20 minutes for free to discuss taboos.

Communication by phone 15 min -10 evro , chat correspondence 30 min. – 20 evro ., 60 min. 50 evro  (By prepayment to the studio card). Speaking secret fantasies without taboos.

Trust professionals and get high-quality Subspace – a special type of meditative trance state in BDSM practice. The term is a transliterated borrowed from the English BDSM slang, subspace – “subspace”.

Themed sessions of BDSM do not imply an obvious orgasm.

I don’t get naked, I don’t bring to relaxation.

I practice vinyl and leather in themed costumes.

I do not wear latex.

My fetishes:

psychological ecstasy, various methods, role-playing and role-playing games, torture of various kinds, coercion, hard practices, unification, flogging (flagellation) gently / hard, slaps in the face! Genitals do not bare!

I am an experienced Sadistic Dominant FemDom. Therapist provocative therapy. Psychologist topics. The topic is 20 years old. I teach beginners. BDSM Training in BDSM Individual training with a certificate ,, Master of Themes ,, 20 hours of practice, 15 hours of theory. The basic course of easy practices is 1500 euros individual format. For couples 2200 euros. There are their own lower slaves and slaves. Sessions with my bots at my disposal are possible.

BDSM culture – the totality of all the components of thematic relations, based on the exchange of power, interconnected games of domination and submission, sadism, masochism, bonds and discipline, any kind of fetish.

Therapeutic group online 18+

,, I choose life ,,

every Thursday from 19.00-22.00

participation 20 evro per person.

Skype: XeniaPrime

BDSM practices, fetishes, gestalt approaches.
If you are concerned:
– feeling of shame
fear of rejection and rejection
secret obsessive desires
Are you a pervert, or do you consider yourself as such?
– the insignificance is your second ,, Me ,,?
Are your attractions unusual?
– your desires are not familiar?
Are you weird and everyone around is saying this?
Join our open group without taboos and stamps.
Meet yourself!
Look into your eyes.

The group is designed for 12 months of weekly meetings.

Taboo (don’t practice): Cooney. Ani. Intim .. Zoo. Pedophilia. Traces (sections). Dirt. Kopro. I do not get naked. I do not bring to relaxation. I don’t practice with genitals.

I practice:

I practice foot-fetish, but-fetish, face-sitting in shorts, breathing control, whipping gently and hard, rosotherapy, ice wax. Domination, mummification, nipple torture, feminization, fixation, ballbasting, slaps, trampling, medical fetish (asoles, cuts, hooks, suspension), asphyxiation, hanging, burial, fiststing (prostate massage). Role playing / BDSM games. Games with toys. Torture of the nipples. Slaps in the face. Spitting. Mummification. Punctures.

Domination Dominatio FemDom gently / tough. 60 min-200 evro

Porkotherapy Flagellation flagello, flagellatum) gently / hard – 30 min. 100 evro 60 min. 200 evro

Integrated session hour 300 evro. Two hours 500 evro . All practitioners are practitioners.

Assistant / Assistant top plus to the Session 150 evro

Assistant / Assistant bottom plus to the Session 200 evro

Belting (Belting) – Flogging a belt, a whip, a flogger.

“We experience stress – those emotions that come out of a person with sensations of pain, we cling to them, pull them from the subconscious to the level of awareness”
Treatment with rods. External Metered Pain Method (MVDBV), Rod Therapy, Rosgotherapy, Pain Therapy, Rod Therapy, Spanking Therapy.
Rosgotherapy is a kind of body-oriented therapy that helps a person gain new experience in productive coping with problem situations. The authors of the text (Chukhrova MG, Speransky S.V., Pilipenko G.N.) position it as a way of revealing and realizing spiritual, moral, creative, emotional and intellectual potentials and use their method when working with negative, unreacted emotions, A voluntary cross-section with rods can help with severe depression, alcoholism, heart attacks, strokes and other diseases.

“Pain refers more to life than death,” says German Pilipenko. He focuses on the fact that his method does not prohibit anything to a person – and the need for alcohol and spleen disappears by itself after taking the first portion of roses.

It is believed that at the time of the blow a person recalls that a trifle from childhood and from the subconscious mind takes out the negative beliefs that occur purification through pain.

Why exactly pain? See that because of the pain you can look beyond.

We are all familiar with it, although we call it different concepts, for example, insults. A person feels that he cannot be free, and this is the key to the development and development of personality. A person has the ability to find emotional balance and control instincts.

What is needed for rosotherapy? Good will of participants and rods. If the patient forcibly tied to a bench and higher roses, then the effect will be zero.

Asphyxia asphyxiation, hanging on a special frame or asphyxiation technique for breathing control – 40 min. – 1,500 UAH.

Autoasphyxophilia, asphyxiophilia, asphyxiation, asphyxiation, breathing control games – a form of abnormal activity associated with the use of drugs, limited access of oxygen to the lungs and / or brain to obtain sensations associated with sexual discharge. Excitation occurs when there is a short-term restriction of oxygen supply in the brain and the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the brain. You cause a state of dizziness and intense relaxation of the whole body. BDSM practitioner, native methods associated with obtaining other effects without sexual pleasures – games with asphyxia and holotropic breathing. Insomnia.

Practice should be a stable psyche, no brain injury (illness of traumatic brain injury), respiratory disease or asthma, problems with blood pressure.

I also practice;

Servises gently / hard

Booth Fetish \ Booth Fetish

Spanking spanking – in the practice of BDSM corporal punishment in the form of a series of spanking on the buttocks with the palm of your hand or imitating it with a wide wide object. Fans of spanking are called spankers or spankophiles.
Bastonnade (French Bastonnade) – medieval corporal punishment in the form of sticks or flat tablets on the back, buttocks or soles of the feet. The concept of “foot punishment” is a popular footjob-BDSM practice.
Trampling is a stomp that a person makes on a partner in shoes or barefoot.

Ballbasting – torture involving attacks on the male genitalia.

Babyplay (Baby Play) – The game “in childhood.” A role-playing game in which one of the partners plays the role of a child. A kind of age games.

Bondage, rope (Rope bondage) – bondage using various ropes. Often – hanging on ropes.

Bondage, steel (Steel bondage) – for bondage steel handcuffs, chains, shackles, pads, collars are used.

A role-playing game is a simulation of events occurring in a certain world at a certain time. All participants are looking for their own characters in their gaming realities.

Bdsm games

SSC (abbreviation for English words safe, reasonable, consistent) – the principles of security, reasonableness and voluntariness. BDSM activity involves moral and physical influences, so that BDSM actions use special mechanisms. In particular, at any time, the session participant must utter a pre-determined stop signal (stop word, gesture or movement).

All the practices that I practice.

If you want to have a list on my list, check by phone.

Thematic practice of BDSM studio FemDom Ukraine Kiev. No sex

The price for a consultation with a sexologist is the subject with the Gestalt therapy approach.
60 minutes 1200 UAH
6 hours – 6000 UAH. (1000 UAH. In UAH.)
Signs by day.
10 hours – 8000 UAH. (800 UAH each)
Signs by day.
Online chat correspondence.
Consultation plus session
90 minutes – 450 evro
Time is signed by the day.
If you have not arrived at the appointed time
By appointment by appointment by prepayment of 50 evro to map.
If you missed a session or were late, your time and amount are debited automatically.
Plan your and my time.
Do not strip, do not strip.
I am not a doctor, but a consultant.
Can I recommend a sex therapist?
I work with psychomatics, remove body and psychological blocks and clamps.
I launch the kundalini energy up.
Energy practitioner working with fire.

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